Welcome to the Schorlemer Library

This is the website of the library inventarisation and digitalisation project started in 2010. This library contains more then 5,000 historical documents.


The Schorlemer library, which was built up in the late 19th century until the 20th century mainly by the German politician Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer and his family, provides an insight into the interesting times of the change in the German Reich. It is an extensive private library that can be used to gain good insights into the world, life, areas of interest and views of people during of that era.

The library contains novels, books, articles, science papers, magazines, portraits, newspapers and more. Clemens August von Schorlemer-Lieser was an important recognized German politician. For these reasons the private library was the processed re-organized and the conversed. The evaluation, ordering, classification and digitization of the library took place in 2010. In 2013 the results of this undertaking where put online.


The original classification signature of the historical library was kept an reused during the evaluation and categorisation. In some cases it was extended. The classification not only categorized each document but also tells where the documented was located in the orginal bookshelves.

  • oB ; B ; B_
    Fiction. Beautiful literature in German as well as a Part of the German literary history.
  • oE ; E_
    Geography, countries, ethnology and travelling.
  • oeB ; eB
    Beautiful literature in English as well as English Literary history.
  • ofB ; fB
    Beautiful literature in French and Italian. As well as Italian and French literary history.
  • oG ; G
  • oJ ; J
    Law and Order, Politics and Administration, World- and national economy.
  • oK ; K ; KZ
    Art and artmagazines.
  • L
    Agriculture, viticulture, wine trade, forestry, hunting and sports.
  • oN; N
    Reference books as well as a part of the literary history and literatureknowledge and linguistics.
  • R
    Religion and philosophy.
  • oT; T
    Science and technology
  • V
  • Z
  • 16SA
    Tax and insurance.
  • S
    Was used to classify in which cabinet the document was located.
  • A
    Archival (documents, photographs, graphics etc.).
  • GM
    Graphics (plans, maps, drawings of larger format).


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